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This form is designed to collect information that will help the IFOOD360° program coordinators understand who is enrolled in the program. We will use the information that you provide on this form to understand what types of assistance might be of most benefit for you, and to highlight specific skills and areas of potential interest for you.

Please answer all questions. If you don't understand a question or are not sure what to write, please let your coordinator know and he or she will be happy to help you.

***Information you provide on this form will be used for IFOOD360° program purposes only***

Employee Contact Information

Describing Yourself

Educational Experience

We are interested in understanding your educational experience.
Please fill out the following table with your highest level of educational experience.

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Please list any other training or courses that you have taken:
* In this section you may list workplace training that you have received or participated in.

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Work Experience and Future Goals

We are interested in understanding your current employment situation and any future employment goals.

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Date: December 7, 2022